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Wizard of Oz
Wednesday, November 08, 2017
Directors, Mrs. Mary Peterson, Ms. Ashleigh Sons, their background crew and a cast of talented actors and actresses would like to invite you to the fall musical, The Wizard of Oz.  Performances are Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11 at 7 PM and Sunday, November 12 at 2 PM in the Gladys Wirsig-Jones Auditorium at the High School. 

Cost for the event is $6 for adults and $4 for students.  Please join us for a fun filled evening!
Veterans Day Program
Wednesday, November 08, 2017
We'd like to invite you to our annual Veterans Day Program, Friday, December 10, at 10:00 AM, in the high school gym. 

The American Legion will present the program and students from Shenandoah Middle School and Shenandoah High School will also perform.

  Please join us at 10 AM on Friday as we honor those men and women who have served our country.  
November News Article
Saturday, November 04, 2017
Fall sports may be past but lots of activities are still going on as I write this.

This weekend 20 students are participating in the annual Math Lock-in where they are given two real world problems to tackle and find solutions for. These students, along with Math Club sponsor, Mrs. Jenny Stephens, spend 36 hours in teams of their choosing finding information about the problem, making hypothesis for the solution and using the information and data gathered to present ideas for solving the real-world problem. There are no right or wrong answers – just a best possible solution. Students are using not only math, but science, technology, their own backgrounds and language arts as they have to write a presentation of their solution. It’s fascinating to watch students discuss their ideas, work together as a team and enthusiastically share their results. This event is an international one and our students’ solutions are compared with others around the world. The results will be made known in a few weeks. Congratulations to all of those involved in this rigorous way to spend 36 hours!

Another event happening this weekend is the Iowa Cheerleading Coaches Association competition. Mrs. Angela Trowbridge, Football Cheer Coach, has been working with the Football Cheerleaders to prepare for this competition. Cheerleaders from around the state will compete in Timeout and in Coed Stunt. The Timeout competition involves all 9 cheerleaders in stunting, chants, cheers, banners and signs to get the crowd fired up and engaged. The Coed Stunt competition involves three students in an actual stunt where one of the cheerleaders is lifted in the air. These student athletes have worked diligently to perfect these cheers and stunts. We are proud of them and thank them for their hard work and willingness to represent SHS at this state event.

“Speech-ems” and their new director, Mrs. Amy Toye, are beginning their 2017-2018 speech journey. More than 60 students have signed up to participate in events including Mime, Improvisation, Chorale Reading, Musical Theatre and Ensemble to name a few. Mrs. Toye is assisted by Ms. Catherine Bettag, and Ms. Jean Debban. While the first competition is not until January, these students and coaches will be working early mornings and into the evening to perfect their art.

There are a couple of big events coming this week and we hope you will take advantage of both.

Friday, November 10, at 10 AM, Shenandoah High School will host our annual Veterans Day Program led by our local American Legion. Students in grades 5 – 12 will participate in the program. Choirs will perform, Taps will be played and we will have a speaker reminding us of the importance of this day and how much our Veterans have sacrificed for us. The community is invited and encouraged to attend this uplifting assembly.

Also on Friday, November 10, as well as Saturday, November 11 and Sunday November 12, SHS will host our annual musical. We are excited for the presentation of our production “Wizard of Oz”. Mrs. Mary Peterson and Ms. Asheligh Sons, directors, along with their production crew and talented actors and actresses are looking forward to sharing this fun musical with all of us. Friday and Saturday performances are at 7 PM and Sunday afternoon’s performance is at 2 PM. “Break a Leg” to all involved in the musical this coming week!

First quarter is complete and the second quarter of the school year is well under way. Every day it is a joy for me to walk into classrooms and see students and their teachers hard at work, engaged in their learning and sharing their ideas.

Parents – talk to your child about his or her classes and learning. If you have questions about their classrooms or lessons or projects please contact their teacher via email or call the school at 712-246-4727.

Thank you for making sure your child is at school every day and working to the best of his or her ability. Thank you, community, for being so supportive of our students and our school district.

Shenandoah High School thanks you!
ACT Test Prep Available
Thursday, November 02, 2017
We are privileged to offer the On to College with John Baylor program to our students.  It is an ACT prep website which Shenandoah Schools purchased to help our students improve their test scores.  By improving ACT test scores students and their families may be able to get better scholarships or improved financial aid from their chosen college or university. 

The website is ontocollege.com.  All Shenandoah High School students have access to the Study Skills on the website .  9th graders can access Aspire and 10th, 11th and 12th graders can access the ACT prep course on ontocollege.com.

Students were given their login information to access the courses.  

Parents - please take a look at the website.  In particular on the right hand side of the front page of ontocollege.com choose the drop down "menu" and look at News and Media and The On to College Show.  If you have questions please call the school at 712-246-4727.
Yearbooks are Here!
Monday, September 25, 2017
The 2016-2017 yearbooks are here. 2017 graduates or their family members may pick up their yearbooks at school. Please stop in the office for assistance!
National Honor Society Information
Monday, August 14, 2017
Starting the 2017-18 school year the scholastic criteria for National Honor Society is going to be changed. If you would like to see what that change is you can click on the links below. This will allow you to see the By-Laws (the rules for NHS) and the forms that eligible students will be receiving in late August to fill out if they wish to do so. If you have any questions about National Honor Society, please feel free to contact Mary Peterson, NHS Adviser, by e-mail at petersonm@shencsd.com.

NHS Forms

NHS By-Laws

Supply List
Friday, July 21, 2017
High School students, in general, will just need to make sure they have pens/pencils and notebooks and binders. Students may want to have, but are not required to have, agenda or planner, ear buds, Kleenex and Clorox wipes.

Here are a few specific items that certain classes request from students:

Language Arts 9 : Spiral notebook (3 section) 120 pages, 3 glue sticks, scissors, colored pencils, 2 highlighters, ruler, pencil bag to hold the items

Algebra 1: 100 sheet composition notebook, Recommended - Graphing Calculator TI-Npsire CX - (Not Cas)

Social Science - Notebook

Spanish 1 - 3 ring binder, notebook used only for Spanish, 4-pack dry erase markers

Language Arts 11 - 3 ring binder

AP Chemistry - 3 ring binder and 2 notebooks

Ag1 - 3 ring binder and 5-8 dividers

Art 1 - 2 pack Ultra fine black sharpies

Clothing 1 (based on project) - Thread, pins/needles, buttons, material, zipper/drawstring

Language Arts 10 and Communications - Notebook, pack of notecards

Foods 1 - 3 ring binder (1 inch) and dividers

AP Lit - 3 ring binder and 2 notebooks
School Nurse information
Monday, July 17, 2017
To Parent/Guardian of 11th Grade Students,

Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, the Iowa Department of Public Health has made changes to the Iowa Immunization law. This change requires that all students entering 12th grade have the Meningococcal vaccination before school starts.

If your 11th grade student, is currently 16 years of age or older, they are eligible to receive the Meningococcal vaccination now to meet the 12th grade immunization requirement.

I would like to recommend a few options in order to meet the 12th grade immunization requirement:
1. Shenandoah Medical Center is offering free sports physicals and an immunization clinic (parent must be present for immunizations) on Saturday 7/22 or Saturday 8/12 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.*
2. Shenandoah Medical Center has an immunization clinic available Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Please call Sue at 712-246-7463, Dena at 712-246-7165, Nancy at 712-246-7108, or Chris at 712-246-7347 to schedule an appointment.*
3. The SMC Immunization Clinic will also be open on Monday 8/21 from 5 - 7 p.m. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.*
4. Schedule the immunization with your physician.

*You do not have to doctor at SMC to have access to immunizations or sports physicals.

Meningococcal disease is a life threatening illness that is caused by bacteria that infects the brain, blood, and spinal cord. It easily spreads in crowded settings and typically affects older teens and young adults.

There will be no grace/extension period for the implementation of this requirement, when school starts for your student as a 12th grader (Fall 2018).
If you have questions, please contact me at laughlinl@shencsd.com. I check my email routinely during summer break.
Thank you for your time and attention to this requirement,
Linda Laughlin RN Shenandoah High School Nurse
Chat Mobility School Rebate Program
Thursday, May 16, 2013
Chat Mobility is offering a school rebate program. Participating school will receive a 2.5% cash rebate on enrolled member's monthly service fee. It doesn't cost you a thing!

Click here for more information.
Updating Student Information Made Easy!
Saturday, February 02, 2013
Do you have a change of address, email or a phone number? The district has made it easier for you to notify the school of such changes by allowing you to go the school website and select the "Parents" link in the upper right hand corner under "Quick Links." Once you have selected the "Parents" link you can change you information by selecting the "PowerSchool-Update Contact Info" link.

For further information click here.
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Nurses Notes
Tips for influenza and respiratory illness containment in school outbreaks.

School absence rates are increasing across the state, as are the number of influenza-associated outbreaks. Once rates of absence reach 10 percent, an outbreak may be occurring, and the public health department should be contacted. (Some schools have reached over 25 percent of students absent on a single day due to influenza.) The following are key intervention measures for schools to stop transmission and potentially contain outbreaks of influenza and other respiratory diseases:

a. Work with the local public health agency (LPHA) to decrease transmission of these viruses and possibly decrease the school's outbreak impact on the community at large.

b. Conduct thorough environmental cleaning daily. Include stair hand rails, doorknobs and other commonly touched surfaces.

c. Send an informative letter home to parents as early in the outbreak as possible.

•  Be sure to include the following items or symptoms of influenza to recognize when a child has the flu.

•  if a child has the flu, they should stay home, and get vaccinated each year, especially children with health problems like asthma.

d. Teach and encourage children and staff to wash hands regularly with warm water and soap.

e. Consider the use of hand sanitizer in the classroom when soap and water are not readily available.

f. Limit assemblies, large group gatherings and interactions with other schools during a flu outbreak.

g. Use the resources at the State Health Department. Visit the influenza Web site here for fact sheets, student activities and more.

Strep Throat - Symptoms may be mild or severe. You usually start to feel sick about 2 to 5 days after you come in contact with the bacteria.
Symptoms usually begin suddenly, and can include, but not limited to:
  • Fever that begins suddenly and is often highest on the second day
  • Red throat, sometimes with white patches
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • General ill feeling
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the neck
  • Difficulty swallowing

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